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Choosing The Right Marine Navigation Equipment

by | Apr 19, 2022 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

As a seafarer, reliable marine navigation equipment is a vital tool on any vessel to make navigating both convenient and safer on small and large boats alike. Whether you are a commercial or private vessel, high-quality and reliable marine navigation equipment will make it easier to navigate at sea while fulfilling your nautical duties.

However, there are some differences in the type of equipment needed for smaller private vessels compared to larger commercial ones. So how do you know what equipment is right for your boat?

Multifunction Displays and Radars

multifunction display alphascreen 19inch

Multifunction displays are essential marine navigation equipment for both large commercial and smaller private boats as they help monitor various key factors including wave height, sonar detection, and surface temperature.

Other practical features may include engine control, chart plotters, fish finding technology, and integrated sonar and radar. Depending on your usage, you can also look for additional features such as sunlight readability and multiple inputs to find an easy-to-use option.

Tecomart stocks a variety of versatile and durable multifunction displays that are ideal for all marine vessels across all marine environments. You can also boost the efficacy of your multifunction display with our separate boat radars for sale.

GPS Chart Plotters

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Almost any commercial or private nautical vessel of any size should invest in a GPS chart plotter before they head out to sea.

Say goodbye to paper charts and manually plotting courses – modern chart plotters have revolutionised marine navigation equipment by digitally plotting nautical charts on a screen. The Samyung ENC N430 Colour Chartplotter even has pre-loaded maps for convenience and ease of access.

GPS chart plotters allows you access to necessary chart data while being able to zoom in and out and scale the display to suit your needs. Some models even have inbuilt communication modules such as weather warnings, forecasts, and NavTex.

Fishfinders, Sonar Modules, and Transducers

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If your craft is a fishing vessel it might be worth it to invest in a fishfinder or echo sounder like the RC JFE-3J80. These marine navigation equipments are ideal for larger commercial fisher boats, but optional for private vessels unless you are a devout fisherman or conduct fishing tours. Echo or depth sounders typically only represent depth, whereas fishfinders have a more comprehensive real-time display of what is below your boat. Added features to look out for include all-weather visibility, automated functions for ease of use, and filtering capabilities to help you narrow down your data for a more efficient catch.

Transducers send and receive signals to your fishfinder so you can effectively detect fish in the water. Depending on your vessel’s hulls, there are transducers of different materials to ensure maximum operational efficiency.

Sonar modules then receive the pulses from the transducers to interpret what is underneath the water. Whether you fish in shallow or deep water will affect the type of sonar module suitable for your vessel; for example deep water vessels need a sonar module that can interpret and graphically represent fish all around the area of your vessel and line.

Finding a reliable Marine Navigation Equipment Supplier

Marine navigation equipment is a vital component of keeping your vessel and crew safe at all times. Whether you are a commercial or private seafarer, buying high-quality marine radar and other equipment from trusted suppliers will ensure that your fishing duties are effectively and efficiently completed.

Tecomart is a trusted marine navigation equipment supplier for all your nautical needs and has been relied upon by fishermen and nautical crafts in the region since 1994. We believe in our promise to provide reliable nautical navigation equipment that is also affordable. Get in contact for more information about our high-quality marine radars for sale for all vessels, big or small.


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