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  • Tecomart Communication and Navigation
  • Tecomart Communication and Navigation

Tecomart has been connecting people with communication and navigation technology since 1994.

Having started out as a sole-proprietorship providing radio communication equipment, Tecomart has scaled to an incorporated business in 2010 as a marine communication and navigation solution provider with a diverse portfolio in Fishing, Oil and Gas and the Maritime Industry.

Today, Tecomart offers more than just a product sale. Tecomart has expanded its reach to South-East Asia as well as South Asia providing wholesale trading, consultancy, system design, installation and commissioning services, and overseeing projects from retrofitting commercial fishing vessels and to integrating turnkey solutions for Offshore and Coast Guard Vessels locally and globally.

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Our little history

To provide affordable and quality communication solutions has always been our core focus.

Back in the early 1990s, we started introducing radio communication equipment in the remote areas of Thailand and Indonesia.

Indonesia, home of more than 17000 islands, is one of the largest seafarer supply and fish producing countries in the world. The interactions with the seafarers and fishermen allow us to relate to the challenges to stay safe and connected on sea.

Our desire to foster connections with communication technology goes beyond the land. We began searching for marine equipment and communication solutions to enable affordable and reliable sea-to-land and onboard communications for seafarers and fishermen.

We took the commitment up a notch when GPS technology was authorised for civilian use. Leveraging military-trained experience and knowledge in navigational technology, we assist our customers to design integrated communication and navigation system for their commercial fishing vessels to ensure safe and secure voyage for those on board.

To date, Tecomart has grown to be a trusted partner serving a pool of long term customers for their marine communication and navigation systems needs.

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