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SSB CB Radio

An SSB CB radio is a must-have piece of marine communication equipment for any ship at sea. Its name is short for single sideband citizens band radio, and it is a type of short-wave radio system. With a well-installed SSB CB radio on board, sailors can communicate with one another over long distances with ease, as the device can transmit and receive signals from virtually anywhere in the world.

Compared to standard CB radios, which operate on AM transmissions, SSB CB radios have the added capability of transmitting SSB signals for long-range communication. Nowadays, modern SSB CB radio kits have many useful functions including sending emails and receiving weather reports.

Advantages of SSB CB Radios

An AM SSB CB radio is the most effective communication method used by sailors across the world, from amateur recreational sailors to commercial and even military vessels. Even in tough weather conditions and tricky voyages, an SSB radio kit provides sailors with two-way communication to share information and provide one another with assistance.

You may be wondering, what is the difference between marine VHF radios and SSB CB radios? They mainly differ in the type of frequency range used, with SSB CB radios being able to cover much longer distances. Here at Tecomart, we provide a range of durable SSB radios from industry-leading brands like ICOM. Our catalogue of SSB CB radios is packed with value-adding features for effective transmission including:

  • Email functionalities allowing for multiple channels of communication
  • Instant replay of received radio transmissions
  • An integrated GPS receiver for a wider range
  • Continuous 125 to 150 W PEP RF output for improved end-to-end performance

Tecomart: Your Trusted Provider of SSB Radio Kits in Singapore

There is no better place to shop for SSB CB radio kits in Singapore than right here at Tecomart. With over 20 years of industry experience, Tecomart is the leading provider of marine communication and marine navigation equipment for retail and wholesale trading. On top of AM SSB CB radios, we also stock a broad range of devices such as Navtex, AIS transponders, and loud hailers. Request for a quote or contact us to get started today.

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Frequently Asked Questions About SSB CB Radios

SSB CB radio refers to Single Sideband Citizen Band radio. It is a type of CB radio that operates on a different frequency range and modulation method compared to traditional CB radios. SSB CB radios offer improved range and audio quality compared to traditional CB radios, making them a popular choice among users who require reliable communication over long distances. As such SSB CB radios are also commonly used for emergency communication and as a backup system for other forms of communication. 
SSB CB radios will typically have a range of 24-58 kilometres given the right conditions and the type of equipment you use. It is important to note that SSB CB radios will transmit within that range regardless, with only the quality of the transmission being affected by distance and conditions.

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