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  • Tecomart Communication and Navigation
  • Tecomart Communication and Navigation
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  • Tecomart Communication and Navigation
  • Tecomart Communication and Navigation
Having reliable and effective radio communication equipment is essential when in the fishing, oil and gas and maritime industry. Whether you’re relying on them for commercial or leisure purposes, being able to connect with others in an uninterrupted manner is crucial to carrying out your duties and tasks in an efficient manner. Moreover, the right radio communication equipment plays a crucial role as a critical infrastructure for communication and safety in the various maritime sectors. This is because in situations such as when you’re out on the open sea or in the vast wilderness, it could also be the difference between life and death – literally.
Playing a key part of the maritime ecosystem as a supplier specialising in radio communication and navigation equipment, Tecomart offers a wide variety of high-quality devices to help you connect safely and securely with others across a variety of circumstances. These include marine navigational and communication equipment produced by quality manufacturers and suppliers recognised by the communication and navigation communities.

Radio Communication Equipment We Offer

At Tecomart, we strive to provide a vast range of equipment from reputable brands such as Icom, David Clark, Garmin, Raymarine, Samyung, Motorola, and Yaesu. Our catalogue of radio communication equipment includes: We also stock navigation equipment to help you and your team stay safe while facing down the elements. Our range of navigation equipment includes:

About Tecomart

Tecomart started out in 1994 solely as a provider and supplier of radio communication equipment. Aiming to be one of the leading suppliers of maritime communication and navigation solutions, we have since scaled our business and expanded our catalogue to include marine communication equipment, marine navigation equipment, and outdoor navigation equipment. We believe that communication and navigation form the backbone of a safe and fulfilling experience outdoors, whether you’re at sea or venturing through the land. Our clients include individuals and organisations alike who recognise that reliable communication and navigation systems are essential to experience a safe and meaningful voyage for all crew members involved. Get in touch with us to find out more our range of radio communication equipment and other products, or read our FAQ for more information on wholesale purchases, shipping, and delivery.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Radio Communication Equipment

1. What is radio communication equipment?

Radio communication equipment is any device that enables long-distance communication using radio waves. The most basic components of a radio communication system are the receiver and transmitter. This equipment can be used to transfer information in a single direction through radio broadcasting, or allow people to exchange messages via two-way radio.

2. What are the different types of radio communication systems?

There are various types of two-way radio communication systems available including Walkie Talkies, Ham Radio, Citizen Band (CB) Radio, Single Side Band (SSB) Radios, and others. Certain international safety systems such as NAVTEX and the GMDSS also make use of radio communication technology, although they are mostly for one-way updates or emergency broadcasts. As a supplier of radio communication equipment, Tecomart can provide you with the right equipment to suit your vessel’s needs.

3. How does the radio communication system work?

A radio communication system needs 3 basic components to function: a transmitter, a receiver, and an antenna for the message to pass through. The transmitter processes message signals into a form that could pass through the channel, which then passes the signal on to the receiver. As a radio communications supplier, Tecomart can provide you with suitable equipment for radio communication at sea including handheld radio sets, VHF marine radio, and SSB radio kits.

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