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Amateur Ham Radio Accessories

Enhance your amateur radio experience with useful ham radio accessories. Tecomart has been a reliable supplier of amateur communication, aviation communication, and marine communication equipment since 1994. Our extensive catalogue includes accessories for two-way radios and ham radios that can help enhance your amplitude modulation (AM) radio transmissions.

Components of AM Radio Accessories

Amateur radio accessories typically include:

  • Antennas: used to transmit and receive radio signals.
  • Power Supply Units: provide a stable source of electrical power to operate radio equipment.
  • Batteries: used as a backup power source or for portable operations.
  • Radios (Transceivers): the main device used to transmit and receive signals.
  • Microphones: used to transmit voice communications.
  • Headphones: used to listen to incoming signals without disturbing others.
  • Keypads and Keyboards: used for easy and efficient operation of the radio.
  • Antenna tuners: used to match the impedance of the antenna system to the radio.
  • SWR/Power metres – measure the standing wave ratio and transmit power output of the radio system.
  • Cables and connectors – used to interconnect different components in the radio system.
  • Cases and backpacks – protect equipment during transport and storage.
  • Cooling fans – used to dissipate heat and prevent overheating in high-power operations.

Are Two-Way Radios and Ham Radios the same?

Two-way radios are a broad umbrella category that includes ham radio, citizens’ bands (CBs), and general mobile radio services (GMRS). Two-way radios operate using FM transmissions, and individual devices can be handheld or mobile for on-the-go usage or in a fixed location such as a base station. If venturing outdoors with your ham radio, it is recommended to have accessories such as a Yaesu CD-1 rapid charger or a Yaesu E-DC-15 power and charge cord with you to ensure you do not run out of battery unexpectedly.

Ham radio is distinguished from other types of two-way radio by its frequency range, greater operational reach, and ability to interface with digital devices such as computers or tablets. It is considered more versatile than CB and GMRS, and ham radio operators are required to obtain licences. Another large draw of ham radio is its mobility and the ease of communicating with other operators in your region or country.

Choosing the Right AM Radio Accessories

Choosing the right AM radio accessories can enhance your listening experience and make it easier to use your radio on the go. Here are some important things to consider when selecting accessories for your AM radio:

  • Antenna: A high-quality antenna can significantly improve the reception and clarity of your AM radio signal. Consider an external antenna if you experience poor reception in your area.
  • Battery: If you plan to use your AM radio on the go, look for a model with a rechargeable battery or consider purchasing a backup battery pack.
  • Carrying case: A protective carrying case is essential if you plan to take your AM radio with you on the go. It can protect your radio from damage and make it easier to transport.
  • External speaker: If you want to enjoy your AM radio with others or in a larger room, consider an external speaker for better sound quality and volume.

Browse AM Radio Accessories

Here are some of the best products available in our selection of AM radio accessories for sale:

  • Diamond Antenna EM13K: The Diamond Antenna EM13K: makes two-way AM communication much easier and allows you to further immerse yourself in the hobby. It has a microphone sensitivity of -56dB + -2dB, and is made with high-quality materials for long-lasting performance. This antenna is ideal for amateur radio enthusiasts who need a reliable and portable solution for their on-the-go communications.
  • Diamond Antenna GSV1200 Power supply: The Diamond Antenna GSV1200 Power supply is a versatile device designed to provide reliable power for your radio equipment. With a maximum output of 12A (continuous) and 15A (intermittent), this power supply is suitable for a wide range of applications. The input voltage makes it compatible with many electrical systems. While the output voltage is adjustable from DC1V to 15V, providing the flexibility to power different types of radio equipment or accessories. Whether you need to power a base station or a mobile rig, the Diamond Antenna GSV1200 Power Supply is an excellent choice for delivering the power you need.
  • Icom HM-133V Hand Microphone: The Icom HM-133V Hand Microphone is a versatile and convenient accessory for your ICOM radio. With its multi-function design, this microphone includes a numeric keypad for easy operation. Whether you need to enter frequencies, change channels, or access other features of your radio, the HM-133V Hand Microphone provides easy and convenient access. This microphone is compatible with the IC-V3500 and IC-V2300H, making it an ideal choice for users of these popular ICOM radios.

Purchase Reliable Ham Radio Accessories at Tecomart

Tecomart specialises in procuring and supplying communication and navigation equipment to amateurs and professionals of varying levels. Our team of experts is dedicated to finding the best products and providing the most up-to-date information and support. Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting out, we have the products and knowledge to meet your needs. Get in touch to find out more about our ham and two-way radio accessories, or learn more about us in our FAQ.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Two Way Radio Accessories

A two-way radio is a communication device that allows for two-way communication between two or more units. It operates on a specific frequency and uses a system of transceivers and antennas to transmit and receive radio waves, allowing users to communicate with each other. 
Two-way radio accessories, such as earpieces for private listening, microphones for hands-free operation, and replacement batteries, chargers, and holsters for portability, are essential for marine communication equipment and marine navigation equipment, as well as for outdoor navigation equipment. In addition, high-gain antennas for increased range, speaker microphones for loud environments, and belt clips for convenience enhance the functionality and ease of use of two-way radios, making them a crucial part of marine communication and navigation systems.

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