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Amateur Ham Radio Accessories

Enhance your amateur communication experience with useful ham radio accessories. Tecomart has been a reliable supplier of amateur communication, aviation communication, and marine communication equipment since 1994. Our extensive catalogue includes accessories for two-way radios and ham radios, that can help enhance your amplitude modulation (AM) radio transmissions.

Are Two-Way Radios and Ham Radios the same?

Two-way radios is a broad umbrella category which includes ham radio, citizens’ band (CBs), and general mobile radio services (GMRS). Two-way radios operate using FM transmissions and individual devices can be handheld or mobile for on-the-go usage, or in a fixed location such as in a base station. If venturing outdoors with your ham radio, it is recommended to have accessories such as Yaesu CD-1 rapid charger or Yaesu E-DC-15 power and charge cord with you to ensure you do not run out of battery unexpectedly.

Ham radio is distinguished from other types of two-way radio by its frequency range, greater operational reach, and ability to interface with digital devices such as computers or tablets. It is considered more versatile than CB and GMRS, and ham radio operators are required to obtain licenses. The official licensing authority for ham radios in India is the Wireless and Planning and Coordination Wing (WPC) of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

A large draw of ham radio is its mobility and the ease of communicating with other operators in your region or country. Accessories like the Diamond Antenna EM13K earphone and Icom HM-133V hand microphone make two-way AM communication much easier and allow you to further immerse yourself in the hobby.

Purchase Reliable Ham Radio Accessories at Tecomart

Tecomart specialises in procuring and supplying communication and navigation equipment to amateurs and professionals of varying levels. Our catalogue includes marine communication equipment, marine navigation equipment, outdoor navigation equipment, and more. Get in touch to find out more about our ham and two-way radio accessories or learn more about us in our FAQ.

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