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Marine Navigation Equipment

Navigating a boat is definitely nothing like navigating a vehicle on land. With no land markers, few signs apart from the basic navigational markers outlining major channels, and the possible drop in visibility, navigating the waters is no walk in the park.

While in the open sea, accurate position, speed and heading are required to ensure the vessel reaches its destination in the safest, most cost-effective and timely manner that the conditions permit. The need for accurate position becomes even more critical when manoeuvring gets increasingly difficult due to vessel traffic and other waterway hazards. This is where marine navigation equipment plays a key role.

Tecomart is a reliable marine navigation equipment supplier for individuals and companies within the seafaring business.

Nautical Navigation Equipment Must-Haves

Thanks to modern marine technology, the vessel today is equipped with several advanced nautical navigation equipment systems that help secure a smoother and safer journey. For beginners, here are a few basics to consider:


Compasses are the quintessential marine navigation equipment that provides a stable directional source. There are typically two types of compasses used: magnetic compass and gyrocompass. One option to consider is the Automatic Instrumental Bracket Mount Compass for Commercial Vessels C20-00137, a Class A compass with optional azimuth ring and sighting vanes, and built-in quadrantal correctors for optimal navigation.

GPS Chart Plotters

A chart plotter is a device that integrates GPS satellite navigation with charts of the water and coastline, allowing human operators to accurately place themselves on the map and track the vessel’s speed and direction.


Marine vessels rely on an S-band and X-band marine radar system for navigation as it has the ability to detect targets and display information on the screen. Data acquired could be anything from the ship’s distance from the ground to floating objects, vessels, and obstacles that need to be avoided.

Autopilot Equipment

As one of the most effective bridge navigation systems, a marine autopilot instrument allows the human operator to steer the handle simply by holding the steering wheel in autopilot mode, which lets them oversee the broad aspects of the operation.

To learn more about marine navigational equipment or our other products including amateur radio equipment, be sure to reach out to us and we’ll answer all your enquiries.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Nautical Navigation

Aside from the above devices, the other types of marine navigation equipment available on Tecomart include GPS charts, echo sounder systems, radar and transducers. Their functions range from identifying exact location and measuring water depth to locating obstacles and measuring boat speed and direction. In short, these devices can be used for precise guidance and safe passage during a voyage.
Tecomart is a reliable supplier of marine navigation equipment, systems, and components in Singapore. Our products are sourced from leading brands worldwide, and are designed to provide maximum accuracy in navigation. With our vast selection, customers can find just the right nautical navigation product to meet their specific needs.

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