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Two Way Radio Repeaters

Though radio repeaters are not essential to participating in two way radio communication activities, they can certainly enhance your amateur radio experience by helping you connect to fellow amateur radio enthusiasts in your area.

Tecomart is a trusted supplier of amateur communication equipment for amateur radio hobbyists, and you can find a wide variety of high-quality two way radio repeaters for sale on our e-commerce website. Before you buy a radio repeater, here are some things to know:

What is a radio repeater and how does it work?

Radio repeaters are used in two way radio communication such as amateur radio (also known as ham radio). Two way radio communication takes place on selected frequencies, which travel in straight lines between receivers and transmitters. This can mean communication difficulties in hilly, mountainous, or electronics-dense areas as the waves are blocked by various obstacles. Flat terrains with a great amount of distance can also weaken the FM signal between communication devices, as the waves weaken the more they travel.

Radio repeaters help ensure smoother and more reliable communication by receiving a radio signal and simultaneously retransmitting (repeating) it at a different frequency. Typically this new frequency is a higher frequency, which helps the signal travel greater distances. In this way, two way radio communication can still take place even if the participants are a great distance apart. Repeaters can be fixed in a single position or location – such as in commercial sites and businesses – or miniaturised into handheld versions for mobile transceivers.

Do I need to buy a radio repeater?

Radio repeaters are technically optional equipment for amateur radio as it is not necessary to have one to carry out two way communications. However, they are still a popular and versatile equipment to have as they can greatly expand your transceiver’s range and reach. Get in touch to find out more about Tecomart’s range of amateur communication equipment for sale, or to find out more about buying radio repeaters and other communication equipment at wholesale prices.

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