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Amateur Ham Radio Equipment

The world of amateur radio – also known as ham radio – is a fulfilling hobby and experience for millions of individuals worldwide. Defined as ‘amateur’ to distinguish it from commercial radio usage or broadcasting, the hobby is officially regulated and coordinated by the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) which spans various regions and countries. In India, amateur radio is regulated by the Wireless and Planning and Coordination Wing (WPC) of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

Tecomart is a reliable supplier of amateur radio equipment to individuals interested in joining the ham radio community. Our catalogue includes transceivers, repeaters, rotators, and other accessories.

Operating a Ham Radio in India

There are over 20,000 licensed ham radio operators across India, and you can obtain a General or Restricted license from the WPC after passing the respective examination. The WPC also monitors and coordinates regulations, call-signs, and allotted frequency spectrum bands within the country.

The equipment you require to begin on your amateur radio journey may vary according to the frequency you wish to use, and the license class you qualify for. For most beginners, these are the basics to take note of:


Transceivers are devices that combine transmission and receiving capabilities, usually over the High Frequency (HF) radio wave spectrum. Look for options like the Icom IC-7100 that are capable of handling HF, Very High Frequency (VHF), and Ultra High Frequency (UHF) waves to broaden your communication range as much as possible. For a more portable option, you can also explore handheld transceivers or mobile transceivers like the IC-V86 or ICOM IC-2300H.


Your transceiver requires an antenna to enable it to connect you to other ham radio operators. Antennas like the Daiwa HA20 and Diamond Antenna RH-536 are essential to making full use of your transceiver, and some antennas even come with waterproofing so you can even operate them outdoors or in the wild.


Repeaters receive a signal on one frequency, before retransmitting (repeating) it on a different frequency. This extends your communication range, especially for mobile or handheld transceivers.


Rotators help to rotate, point, and fix your ham radio antenna in place during a communication. This ensures the signal is steady, without you having to manually adjust the direction of the antenna on your own.

Explore more amateur radio equipment to get the most out of your ham radio experience. Get in touch to find out more about Tecomart’s products, or learn more about us in our FAQ.

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