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Handheld VHF Marine Radio

No vessel is complete without a handheld VHF marine radio. Consisting of two-way radio transceivers, marine VHF radios are communication systems used by ships around the world to transfer and receive messages. VHF stands for very high frequency (radio band), which are the FM channels that marine VHF radios use — specifically in the range of 156 to 174 MHz.

These versatile communication devices have a vast range of uses such as traffic control, navigation, and communicating with harbours and marinas. However, the most crucial purpose of a handheld marine VHF radio is to send distress signals to other ships in the vicinity and rescue services in the event of an emergency.

Advantages of Using a Handheld VHF Marine Radio

Modern problems require modern solutions, and the VHF marine radio is the solution for modern maritime communication issues. These devices will allow the crew to freely communicate wherever they are on-board the vessel. This allows efficient and quick communication and eliminates any lags in reports. Other than that, our catalogue of handheld marine VHF radios has multiple features suited for maritime operations:

  • IC-M37This VHF marine radio boasts IP57 dust and waterproof protection that is capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions. Its AquaQuake™ function also prevents audio degradation from water-logged speakers, allowing for clear communication through rough seas.
  • HS40 Wireless HandsetFor prolonged maritime operations. This device allows remote access and control to your mounted VHF radio system.
  • HX380 SubmersibleSuitable for underwater operations or emergency situations. This heavy-duty marine VHF radio has a 700 mW loudspeaker radio, can operate 3.3 feet underwater for 30 minutes, and has access to multiple international channels.

Compact & Lightweight VHF Marine Radio for Sale

Here at Tecomart, we offer durable and highly portable handheld VHF marine radios for use on commercial and recreational vessels. Our online catalogue features a wide variety of marine VHF radios for sale from recognised brands such as Standard Horizon and ICOM. With such a broad selection available, you are sure to find the right handheld marine VHF radio for your needs. Depending on the model, marine VHF radios may come equipped with all USA, international, and Canadian channels, along with programmable scan and dual watch. Most VHF marine radios are also submersible up to certain depths and designed with special technology to prevent audio degradation from a water-logged speaker. The rugged construction ensures the radio can withstand heavy use, while still being extremely lightweight for maximum portability.

Buy Handheld VHF Marine Radios Online

Explore top-notch handheld marine VHF radios for sale at Tecomart, a trusted provider of communication and navigation technology solutions. In addition to VHF marine radios, we also carry other marine communication equipment ranging from AIS transceivers, loud hailers to SSB radios.  You may contact us for more information about wholesale pricing on our products and services. Request for a quote to get started.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Handheld VHF Marine Radios

To use your handheld VHF marine radio, switch it on, select a channel, crank down the squelch until there is no more white noise, and then start speaking. There are two power settings on marine VHF radios: low and high. Always set your default to low power. This is so you'll have reduced range and allow nearby boats to use the same channel without interfering with your call.
A handheld VHF marine radio has a connecting range of 4 to 8 kilometres and operates in the high-frequency range of 156 to 162.025 MHz. The relatively wide range is beneficial for rescue operations, distress calls, or general communication between sea vessels and harbours/docks.
For hand-held VHF marine radios, the conventional rule of thumb is that 1 watt corresponds to about 1 nautical mile of range. The majority of handheld marine VHF radios have a power range of 1 to 5 Watts, which will give you a range of 1-6 nautical miles. This transmission range can be enhanced depending on the antenna type of the handheld VHF radio.

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