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Two-way VHF Radiotelephone JHS-207

Floating GMDSS two-way VHF radiotelephone

  • Excellent sound quality under all conditions
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use design, lightweight and compact
  • Depending on the installed battery, automatically switch to emergency mode and regular mode
  • Large-capacity battery pack enables long-time operation of 12 hours
  • Up to 57 channels can be used in regular mode
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Two-way VHF Radiotelephone JHS-207


The JHS-207 two-way VHF radiotelephone is an innovated “two-in-one” radio, which gives the user the opportunity to access both standard GMDSS channels and all maritime VHF channels. The floating VHF radiotelephone equipment meets the GMDSS mounting carriagements.

Intuitive design

The JHS-207 has an intuitive and easy-to-use compact design which only weighs 0.3 kg including battery pack. The small and compact two-positioning charger is easy to install and allows the user to access vital information on the display while charging. The lightweight design will help to prevent fatigue during prolonged use.
The VHF has a watertight facility socket and is the first portable two-way VHF radiotelephone that floats without a buoyancy cover. Additionally a range of waterproof accessories are available to complete the package.

Emergency mode

The JHS-207 two-way VHF radiophone has the ultimate functional design. Every detail has been developed based on user functionality, both in an emergency situation (emergency battery) and in general on board communications (rechargeable battery). When connecting the emergency battery, the radio is automatically in preset emergency mode.  Only emergency required features are accessible, thus reducing critical manual radio adjustment time for the user.


The large-capacity battery pack enables long-time operation of 12 hours so you can use it with confidence for a prolonged time even in an emergency.
Full VHF channels
Up to 57 channels equivalent to the marine VHF radiotelephone can be used in regular mode.
Noise cancelling
The JHS-207 two-way VHF radiotelephone has excellent microphone noise cancelling, which can be convenient during noisy onboard daily operations.  The VHF can also be connected to an IP67 speaker microphone or a headset with a PTT-module.


Technical Emergency battery(non chargeable) Rechargeable battery
Frequency range 154.000 – 157.425 MHz 154.000 – 161.875 MHz
Channel spacing 25 kHz 25 kHz
Operating temperature range -20 to +55 ℃ -20 to +55 ℃
Battery operating time 12 h (10 : 10 : 80) Typ. 12 h (5 : 5 : 90) medium power
Size 64 mm x 63 mm x 40 mm (Depth with belt clip 47 mm) 64 mm x 63 mm x 40 mm (Depth with belt clip 47 mm)
Operating channels 21 channels Up to 57 channels
Mass Approx. 0.3 kg Approx. 0.3 kg
Maximum usable sensitivity < 1 µV at 20 dB SINAD < 1 µV at 20 dB SINAD
Adjacent channel selectivity > 70 dB > 70 dB
Blocking > 90 dB > 90 dB
Spurious response > 70 dB > 70 dB
Harmonic distortion < 5 % < 5 %
Intermodulation rejection > 68 dB > 68 dB
Channel monitoring DW DW / TW / Scan
Transmitter output power (fully charged battery) Lo: 1 W, Hi: 2 W Lo: 1 W, Mid: 2 W (default), Hi: 4 W
Harmonics and spurious < 0.25 µW < 0.25 µW
Frequency error Within ±1.5 kHz Within ±1.5 kHz
Adjacent channel power < -70 dBc < -70 dBc
Approval standards
EMC / Environmental IEC 60945 / ETSI EN 301 843-2 IEC 60945 / ETSI 301 843-2
VHF IEC 61097-12 / ETSI EN 300 225 ETSI EN 301 178
Operating power source 100 – 240 VAC (with power supply)
Mounting Wall and table mountable
Size 92 mm x 74.5 mm x 114.2 mm
Battery Emergency battery (non chargeable) Rechargeable battery
Chemical system Lithium/Iron Disulfide (Li/FeS2) Battery Lithium Polymer Battery
Voltage 6 V Nominal 7.4 V Nominal
Capacity 3000 mAh 1550 mAh


Standard compornents

Name Model Q’ty
Two-way VHF radiotelephone JHS-207 1
Emergency battery (non chargeable) NBB-789 1
Rechargeable battery NBB-748 1
Battery charger NJD101037 1
Power supply NJD101038 1
Instruction manual 1
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