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How to Know if You Need to Replace Your Fish Finder

by | Aug 22, 2022 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Your marine navigation equipment is supposed to help you when you set sail and achieve your intended goals. But when you’re not equipped with the latest technology, you could be at a disadvantage out there in the sea.

If the echo sounder or fishfinder you have been using for many years still works, you might not be considering investing in a new one just yet. However by sticking to your outdated device, you might be limiting yourself and missing opportunities for a more abundant catch. Tecomart carries fish finders from renowned brands such as the Koden CVS-126 (pictured), Raymarine Echo Sounder / Fish Finder CP100 DownVision (E70204), and Samyung ENC F430 in a variety of features and configurations to suit your vessel’s needs.

 So, how do you know it’s time to browse the market for a new fish finder?

1. Defects Are Showing

When your fish finder has been used for many years, it might succumb to the usual wear and tear. Regularly troubleshooting your device will help you detect potential inconsistencies, malfunctions, or defects early.

2. Better Features are Now Available 

By comparing your old fish finder with newer devices  in the market, you can identify any gaps in features your current device lacks. If newer fish finders come equipped with features that make locating schools of fishes easier, perhaps it’s time for an upgrade – regardless of the cost. Instead of settling with the limited features of your old marine navigation equipment, think of the better functionalities and range of the latest ones. 

3. It Makes it Easier to Keep Up with Competitors

If your business relies on commercial fishing, you need to meet the market’s changing demand and keep up with your competitors. Keeping up with new equipment is an essential part of staying ahead of the crowd. That’s why when new fish finder devices come out with features that exceed your current capabilities, perhaps it’s time to invest in a more high-tech replacement. 

Other Key Marine Navigation Equipment to Consider 

Other marine navigation equipment can be used in tandem with your new fish finder in order to improve its capabilities. Here are 3 types of additional equipment to consider:

1. Transducers 

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For transducers like the Lowrance 83/200 kHz Shoot Thru Skimmer, you need to consider the cone angle it operates at. This tells you the width of the beam emitted into the water from your vessel. When the cone is wider, this means that it can cover a large area underwater – allowing you to better see potential catches. Cones typically range from 9 degrees to more than 60 degrees.

Conventional transducers typically have one beam. But with more advanced transducers, they can emit more than one cone from a single point, which can cover more areas underwater. Advanced transducers with multiple beams are ideal for navigating through large bodies of water.

2. Display Screens 

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Newer display screens make use of split-screen modes which can reflect both the chart plotter and fishfinder screens. This makes it easier to handle navigation and fishfinding at the same time, especially with a larger screen like the JRC AlphaScreen 26-inch. Tecomart has multifunction displays and GPS Chart Plotters of various sizes that you can choose from. 

3. Radar 

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Getting a high-tech marine radar that’s within your budget can make navigating or fishfinding through deep waters much easier for your vessel. While fishfinders can detect and display the specific location of schools of fish, a more general marine radar like the JRC JMA-1030 makes it easy to locate your vessel within the wider surroundings. Find more marine radars for sale online. 

Tecomart – Your Trusted Supplier of Marine Navigation Equipment

Not only does Tecomart offer high-quality marine navigation equipment, but also marine communication and marine audio equipment for customers in South and South East Asia. We carry a wide catalogue of reputable brands for you to utilise for your hobbies, personal, and commercial interests. Get in touch to find out more.


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