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Koden CVS-877D Echo Sounder


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CVS-877D Black Box Echo Sounder

Digital Broadband Sounder Perfect solution for your fishing trip

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  • Four selectable frequencies

    • This innovative sounder is equipped with the capability of selecting four frequencies within the range of broadband transducer. This feature provides its user with the possibility of fine tuning for spotting desired types of fish, improved search of water depth. Flexible selection of frequencies by 0.1kHz step enables the user to stay away from interference with the sounders on the other vessels.
  • Condition Memory

    • Up to six settings can be stored in the Condition Memory (CM). The user can recall each setting quickly by simply pushing the CM keys.
  • Image storage

    • Stores up to 500 screen images in built-in memory to recall the image later by a single touch.
  • Black Box

    • Black Box type is also available for owner-supplied XGA monitor.
  • CCD camera input

    • Connections with owner supplied CCD camera input and with external monitor output are available to offer more flexibility of comprehensive graphic presentation.

Main Specifications

Main functions Interference rejection, Color rejection, VRM, Noise reduction, White line, Draft correct, Water temperature correct, Boat speed correct, Store image (500 images), Sona-Tone™, Fishing Hot Spot, Event memory, Simple plotter, Panel illumination, Power reduction, External trigger, Detection area display, CM key, Water Temp. graph, Individual range operation, Individual shift operation, External memory storage (SD card, USB memory), Heaving compensation, Bottom Hardness display, Display direction
Basic range 1 to 3000 Meter 5 to 8000 Feet 1 to 1700 Fathom 1 to 2000 Italian Fathom
Output power (RMS) 1 to 3 kW
Transducer (1) TDM-052A (2) TDM-062A (3)TDM-083 (4)TDM-091 / 091D (5)TDM-071 (6)TD-284 / 284A (7)TD-504T / 504F (8)TD-501C (9)TD-501T-3B (10)TD-754 (11)TD-66
Output frequency (1) 38 to 75 kHz and 130 to 210 kHz (2) 38 to 75 kHz and 85 to 135 kHz (3) 28 to 60 kHz and 130 to 210 kHz (4) 42 to 65 kHz and 130 to 210 kHz (5) 35 to 65 kHz (6) 28 kHz (7) 50 kHz (8) 50 / 200 kHz (9) 50 / 200 kHz (10) 75 kHz (11) 200 kHz
Water protection CVS-877D : IPX5 (Operation unit), n/a (Processor unit)
Dimensions 320 (H) x 320 (W) x 122 (D) mm (Processor unit) 100 (H) x 324 (W) x 54 (D) mm Operation unit
Weight 5.6 kg Processor unit 0.7 kg Operation unit
Power supply 21.6 to 31.2 VDC

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