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Radar NON-SOLAS CAT 3 <500 GT

  • Constaview digital signal processing
  • TEF multi-level target enhancement
  • High speed version available
  • Brushless antenna motors for extended lifetime
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Model JMA- 5212-4 JMA- 5212-6 JMA- 5222-7 JMA- 5222-9 JMA- 5212-4HS JMA- 5212-6HS
IMO compliant
Display colour raster scan PPI
Range scale 0.125/0.25/0.5/0.75/1.5/3/6/12/24/48/96 NM
Model NKE- 2103-4 NKE- 2103-6 NKE- 2254-7 NKE- 2254-9 NKE- 2103-4HS JMA- 5212-6HS
Antenna length 4ft. 6ft. 7ft. 9ft. 4ft. 6ft.
Transmitting power 10kW 25kW 10kW
Transmitting frequency 9410MHz ± 30MHz
Beam width 3db Hor. 1.8°, Ver. 20° Hor. 1.2°, Ver. 20° Hor. 1.0°, Ver. 20° Hor. 0.8°, Ver. 20° Hor. 1.8°, Ver. 20° Hor. 1.2°, Ver. 20°
Rotation speed 27rpm 24rpm 48rpm
Pulse width (receive freq.) 0.08µs/2250Hz, 0.25µs/1700Hz, 0.5µs/1200Hz, 0.8µs/750Hz, 1.0µs/650Hz 0.07µs & 0.2µs/2250Hz, 0.4µs/1400Hz, 0.8µs/750Hz, 1.0µs/650Hz, 1.2µs/510Hz 0.08µs/2250Hz, 0.25µs/1700Hz, 0.5µs/1200Hz, 0.8µs/750Hz, 1.0µs/650Hz
Duplexer circular + diode limiter
Tuning automatic / manual
Ambient condition temperature -25° to 55°C, relative humidity 0% to 93% non-condensing
Model NDC-1460
Bearing indication north-up / course-up / head-up
Presentation mode RM display with true trail, RM display with relative trail, TM display
EBL 2 (EBL1/EBL2) (center/independent) 000.0° – 359.9°, digital display
VRM 2 (VRM1/VRM2), 0.000 – 97.7 NM, digital display
Trail indication 4 stages: short, middle, long, super long (e.g. short: off/0.25/0.5/1/3/6/10/15-min and continuous)
Display (optional on JMA-5200Mk2 series BB)
Model NWZ-164
LCD 1024 by 768 pixels (XGA)
Effective diameter ≥180mm
Connection cable 5m (processor-monitor)
Model NCE-7699A
Connection cable 5m (processor-keyboard)
Installation cable CFQ-6912-20 standard L= 20m (optional up to 65m)
Power supply (voltage) 24V DC (21.6V to 31.2V DC)1)AC100-120/220-240V (50/60Hz,1φ)
Power consumption (at max wind load) typ.120W / max 600W typ.120W / max 600W typ.120W / max 600W
Ambient condition temperature -15° to 55°C, relative humidity 0% to 93% non-condensing (processor, display, keyboard)
Optional items
2)NSK unit (gyro/log interface) NCT-4106A
3)ATA unit (30 targets) NCA-877A
3)Performance monitor NJU-85
3)AIS interface unit NQA-2155
Interswitch cable CFQ-5251 (5m) + CFQ-5351
Plotting function board NDB-44
AC rectifier NBA-5111 – AC100-120/220-240V (50/60Hz,1φ)
Cable 10/15/20/30/40/50/65 m CFQ-6912-10/15/20/30/40/50/65
  1. AC power requires rectifier NBA-5111
  2. Required if no high speed NMEA available
  3. Performance monitor, Target Tracking, AIS must be fitted on ships compliant to IMO.
What’s standard in the box?
  • Display1
  • Scanner
  • Keyboard
  • Processor
  • Cables
  • Spare parts
  • Manuals (English)


Which cables? Std. Max.
Display to processor1 5m 5m
Scanner to processor2) 20m 65m
Keyboard to processor 5m 25m
Power cable for processor 5m 5m
Power cable for display 5m 5m
  1. Not included in black box configuration
  2. The total distance between scanner and processor must not exceed 65 m
  All specifications are subject to change without notification.
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