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A-NGT-1-ISO NMEA 2000 PC Interface, standard version with RS232 Serial



A-NGT-1-ISO NMEA 2000 PC Interface, standard version with RS232 Serial

The handy firewall feature enforces the NMEA 2000 bus rules, so software developers can create compliant software at a fraction of the direct certification costs. The supporting Actisense Software Development Kit (SDK) helps to reduce the required development time.
With the upcoming ‘Third Party Gateway’ status, leading chart plotter software will be able to be certified to work with the NGT-1.
Actisense welcomes enquiries from software manufacturers who would like to incorporate NMEA 2000 and the NGT-1 into their software.
The NGT-1 is available in two versions:
NGT-1-ISO is a more specialist option – Opto-isolated input and ISO-Drive output for a direct PC bi-directional connection.

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Vital NMEA 2000 diagnostic tool
USB version is fully isolated to prevent dangerous ground loops
ISO version has OPTO-isolated input and ISO-Drive™ output for safely interfacing with RS232 or RS422
Up to 230,400 baud data transfer rate
Integrated 1.5m drop cable
Diagnostic receive LEDs
Allows all major PC Chartplotter applications to interface with the NMEA 2000 bus
Provides a rule-enforcing firewall between the PC and the NMEA 2000 bus
Powerful diagnosis of the NMEA 2000 network using the FREE NMEA Reader software provided
Configure and flash-update Actisense products on the bus
Power Supply (ISO Variant)
Supply Voltage (NMEA 2000 Port) 9.5 to 35V DC
Supply Current (NMEA 2000 Port) 35mA @ 12V DC, Max 50mA
Load Equivalent Number (LEN) 1
Power Supply (USB Variant)
Supply Voltage (NMEA 2000 Port) 9 to 29V DC
Supply Current (USB Host Port) 85mA @ 5V DC
Supply Current (NMEA 2000 Port) 15mA @ 12V DC, Max 50mA
Load Equivalent Number (LEN) 1
NMEA 2000 Port (All Variants)
Compatibility Fully NMEA 2000 certified
Galvanic Isolation Refer to ‘ISO port’ or ‘USB port’
Speed / Baud Rate 250kbps
Connectivity M12 Male (A polarised) connector moulded on cable
Cable Length NMEA 2000 1.5m
Cable Length STNG Adapter 0.4m (1.9m with NMEA 2000 cable connected)
ISO Port (NGT-1-ISO)
Compatibility Fully RS232 & RS422 compatible.
Galvanic Isolation 2500V input to ground, 1500V output to ground using ISO-Drive
Speed/Baud Rate 4800 to 115200 Baud
Output Voltage Drive >= 2.1V (differential) into 100Ω
Output Current Drive 20mA max.
Output Protection Short circuit and ESD
Input Voltage Tolerance -15V to +15V continuous -35V to +35V short term (< 1 second)
Input Protection Current limited and overdrive protection to 40VDC
Connectivity 5mm stripped and tinned wire
Cable Length 1.5m
USB Port (NGT-1-USB)
Compatibility USB 1.1, 2.0 and 3.0
Galvanic Isolation 2500V input to ground
Speed / Baud Rate 4800 to 230400 Baud
Connectivity Male type A plug moulded onto cable
Cable Length 1.5m
Drivers (Latest OS) Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 & MAC OS X supplied on CD & available via the ‘Downloads’ button towards the bottom of this web page
Drivers (Legacy OS) Contact Actisense for full details of the legacy OS versions supported:
Housing Material Lid Polycarbonate
Housing Material Base Flame retardent ABS
Weight NGT-1-ISO 220g
Weight NGT-1-USB 210g
Weight STNG Adapter 40g
Approvals and Certifications
Fully NMEA 2000 Certified
Meets all IEC 61162-3 requirements
EMC IEC 60945 (sections 9, 10 & 11.2)
Environmental Protection IP54
Operating Temperature -20°C to +55°C
Storage Temperature -30°C to +70°C
Recommended Humidity 0 – 93% RH
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