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A-EMU-1-BAS Engine Monitoring Unit



A-EMU-1-BAS Engine Monitoring Unit, Analohue to NMEA 2000

The EMU-1 has a PC based configuration tool that allows the settings inside the EMU-1 to be changed to best suit the engine it is working with, making it a flexible solution for many engine makes and models. An Actisense PC to NMEA 2000 Gateway (NGT-1) is required to configure the EMU-1.

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Enables analogue signals to be converted to NMEA 2000 messages
Convert signals from up to two engines (that share a common ground) with a single EMU-1
6 gauge / parameter inputs
4 alarm inputs
2 additional auxiliary inputs
2 Tacho inputs
Customised IP65 case
Diagnostic LED’s
Wide power compatibility of 9 to 35 Vdc
No need to change an existing engine
Easy installation
Easy to configure to suit the connected engine
Connect signals from fluid level gauges (that share a common ground with the engine) to NMEA 2000®
Optional DIN rail mounting kit available
Total engine hours are logged by the monitoring of engine Tach (RPM) input
Power Supply
Supply Voltage 9 to 35V DC
Supply Current Typically < 25mA @ 12V DC
Supply Protection Continuous reverse polarity protection and load dump protection (meets SAE J1113)
Supply Connector Pluggable 2-way screw terminal, 3.5mm pitch
Supply Voltage (NMEA 2000 Port) 9 to 29V DC
Supply Current (NMEA 2000 Port) < 20mA @ 12V DC from NMEA 2000 bus
Load Equivalent Number (LEN) 1
Supply Protection (NMEA 2000 Port) Continuous reverse polarity protection and overvoltage protection to 40V
NMEA 2000 Port – In/Out
Compatibility Fully NMEA 2000 certified
Galvanic Isolation 2500V input to ground, 1500V output to ground using ISO-Drive
Speed / Baud Rate 250kbps
NMEA 2000 Connector M12 male (A coded) connector
Gauge Inputs
Voltage Range 0 to 35V DC
Input Impedance > 50kΩ
Sender Feed 0, 4 or 18mA
Accuracy <= 2%
Input Connector Pluggable 6-way screw terminal, 3.5mm pitch
Input Protection Overvoltage protection to ±40V
Alarm Inputs
Voltage Range 0 to 37V DC
Input Impedance > 50kΩ
Threshold Voltage Configurable, default is 5V
Alarm Polarity Configurable, default is alarm on low input
Accuracy <= 2%
Input Connector Pluggable 4-way screw terminal, 3.5mm pitch
Input Protection Overvoltage protection to ±40V
Tacho Inputs
Voltage Range ±3 to ±60V
Input Impedance > 100kΩ to ground
Input Pulse Range 4 to 50,000Hz
Accuracy <= 1%
Sender Compatibility Ignition coil, alternator (“W”, “R” or “AC”) terminal, hall effect, VR or inductive sender
Threshold Automatically adjusts to signal level
Input Connector Pluggable 4-way screw terminal, 3.5mm pitch
Input Protection Can withstand an ignition pulse to ±500V
Engine Log
Engine Hours 2 separate engine hour logs internally connected to the tacho Inputs. Hours are logged when RPM is present, stored in non-volatile memory
Housing Material Polycarbonate
Protective Lid Material Polycarbonate
Sealing Materials Expanded silicone foam gasket, closed cell polyurethane splash guard and ePTFE waterproof vent
Dimensions 127mm (L) x 112mm (W) x 48mm (H)
Weight 250g
Mounting 4 x 3.5mm lugs to allow panel mount with self tapping s/s screws (included), optional DIN Rail mount available on request
Approvals and Certifications
Fully NMEA 2000 Certified
EMC EN 60945 (sections 9 & 10)
Environmental Protection IP66 (PCB housing)
Operating Temperature -20°C to +55°C
Storage Temperature -30°C to +70°C
Recommended Humidity 0 – 93% RH
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