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– BNC type RX input/output connectors for receiver antennas or external attenuators

– General coverage receiver covers from 30Hz to 60MHz* (* Some frequency ranges are not guaranteed.)
– Two types of preamplifiers: Preamp 1: improves intermodulation characteristics / Preamp 2: High gain preamp for high bands
– A seven step attenuator (3, 6, 9, 12, 18, 21dB and OFF)
– A dedicated 50MHz band mixer using a Quad FET
– Twin peak filters for better RTTY signal reception

– Speech compressor increases average talk power (SSB mode)
– TX monitor functions
– Fifty sub-audible tones (CTCSS) for repeater access
– VOX (Voice operated transmission) capability
– All mode power control

– DSP controlled CW keying waveform shaping
– Multi-function electronic keyer with adjustable keying speed, dot/dash ratio, keyer type, rise time and paddle polarity
– Electronic keyer speed popup
– CW pitch control from 300 to 900Hz (5Hz pitch)
– CW reverse mode operation for receiving USB side signal
– Double key jacks for front and rear panels
– Full break-in and semi break-in functions
– CW/AM auto tuning function helps to zero in on intended signals within ±500Hz range
– Soft and sharp audio filter shapes for the Audio Peak Filter (APF)

– Set mode functions for flexible and speedy settings
– Memo pads stores up to 10 operating frequencies and modes
– Quick split function and split lock functions
– Quick Dualwatch function
– SSB/CW synchronous tuning
– RIT and ⊿TX variable up to 9.999kHz
– UTC/Local clock and timer function
– 1Hz pitch tuning and display
– 101 memory channels with 10-character channel name
– Built-in voice synthesizer announces the operating frequency, mode, and S-meter level
– Programmed scan, memory scan, select memory scan, VSC scan and ⊿f scan
– Auto tuning step function
– Dial lock function
– Main dial tension control
– Programmable band edge beeps
– S/P DIF input/output connectors
– BNC type transverter connector
– External speaker connectors for Main/Sub receivers
– FFT scope waveform averaging function for PSK and RTTY decoder
– Screen saver function

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