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    Seals and sea lions cannot hear this Pinger eliminating the “dinner bell effect”= save your caught fish from seal attacks!
    145 decibel signal = one Pinger every 200 meters of net.
    Smallest, lightest, safest to use Dolphin Pinger on the market.
    Designed not to get caught in your net mesh on rails or hauling and setting gear.
    Works with standard C cell Alkaline battery – available everywhere.
    Super tough TPU external copolymer carrier.
    Highly durable internal thermoplastic polymer electronics capsule.
    Engineered to deliver 100% reliable performance in all fishing conditions and temperatures.
    Internal electronic capsule is locked inside the external carrier – cannot fall out like competitors products.
    Dolphin Pingers are easily and quickly attached to net ropes of all size.
    No need to thread ropes through the carrier = faster, easier attaching and removing.
    Easy to see battery level LED indicator with Red LED low battery warning.
    Pingers are supplied with a C cell Alkaline battery and attachment cord – ready to fit easily and quickly to the net. 
    Fast and easy to replace batteries.
    Advanced optimised sound generation and engineering ensures a consistent reliable output of 145 decibels.
    Tested to 1000 meters depth.
    Manufactured in the EU.

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